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Reggie Wayne Diving Catch 12x18" Print


Having already done two Reggie Wayne paintings, I had a chance to meet him a 3rd time. I've always wanted to do a painting of this diving catch and this was my chance. I wanted to create the impression that Wayne was diving out of the canvas and used 'cool' colors in the jersey (various blue shades) on a bright red (warm) background to accomplish that. After finishing the details on Reggie, it still seemed to lack motion, so the various flowing dots were adding to create a little bit of movement.


I had to crank this painting out in 8 days in order to finish the painting in time for the meet and greet with Reggie. Working on a very short timeline, I painted until midnight and 1pm on a regular basis to fit this painting in.

This painting took 30 hours to complete, start to finish. The original painting is autographed in silver and Reggie added "Go Colts!" without me asking.

Available in 12x18" or 20x30" poster print or 20x30" canvas. All prints come artist-signed with the ink color of your choice. Canvases are ready to hang and stretched on thick 1.5 inch wooden frames.

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