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Calvin Johnson "Megatron" 20x30" Poster Print


I grew up on Transformers. Most men my age did! I also grew up on football. I've been wanting to paint Calvin Johnson for some time now and finally had the opportunity to do so. I was particularly looking forward to the challenge of painting a visor on a facemask. But instead of an action shot, I wanted a good still pose to paint and chose this one. I brainstormed how to incorporate Megatron into the painting, with one idea being to paint Calvin's Megatron logo in the background, but his body takes up too much of the canvas to do so. I tossed around a few other ideas before it finally dawned on me to replace the NFL shield on his jersey with the decepticon logo. As for the background, I opted to go bright instead of dark, wanting something to pop the dark colors in his jersey, arms, and gloves. This painting turned out EXACTLY how I envisioned it and I love its look.

While the step-by-step process of many of my paintings are posted on Twitter for followers to enjoy, this piece was kept secret and instead unveiled in a video that documented its creation. See the video below.

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This painting took 44 hours to complete, start to finish. The original painting is will be kept in my studio and hopefully signed by Calvin someday.


All prints come artist-signed with the ink color of your choice. Prints will be ready late March 2015 but you can pre-order now.

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