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Odell Beckham "The Catch" 12x36" Poster Prints


It's the greatest catch I've ever seen. Ever. Full extension, hanging, one-handed touchdown catch made with TWO FINGERS on a bomb that travelled 50+ yards in the air. You've seen it. The whole world has seen it. I watched Beckham's miraculous touchdown catch live on Sunday Night Football on 11/23/14 and remember saying out loud "I'm painting that."

I finally got the chance to paint it and have Odell sign in. It's the first painting I've done that features a full-body post of an athlete and one that came with many challenges to fit small details on a canvas that was tall and thin. It turned out beautifully though and is my favorite painting to date. I particularly enjoyed painting the helmet and the glare of the lights on it.

This painting took 41 hours to complete, start to finish. The original painting is autographed by Beckham with the inscriptions "10 catches, 146 yards, 2 TDs, 11/23/14" in black sharpie marker and hanging in my studio.

All prints come artist-signed with the ink color of your choice. Canvases of this painting are not yet available but will be in the near future.

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