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A.J. Green 12x36" "Hangtime" Painting Print


A.J. Green continues to be my favorite NFL player. Tall, fast, strong, and with tremendous hands. He also is one of the most humble and grounded athletes that I've met, which makes him even more likable. The only painting of Green hanging in my studio was my first ever painting (one-handed catch, bright background) and it had been 2 1/2 years since I painted him, so I wanted to give it another try (after improving my painting skills) to see if I could create an even cooler piece than that first painting. I opted for a full-body pose of this leaping reception. Wanting a bright background, the light green permanent was an obvious choise (it was not selected because of A.J.'s last name). The splatter paint colors were added to add more action to the painting. 

This painting marks the 2nd in a series of four 16x40" full-body pose paintings of NFL wide receivers. Odell Beckham was the first. The next 2 have not yet been announced (stay tuned).

This painting took 25 hours to complete and the autographed original includes the inscription "Hang time," which A.J. added at my request.

All prints come artist-signed with the ink color of your choice. 

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